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Welcome to the SHARP online self-assessment form

The aim of the pledge

The Social Housing Anti-Racism Pledge outlines what actions housing organisations, who sign up are committed to implement. Formed from a partnership between BME London Landlords, BME National, and The Housing Diversity Network, all housing organisations are invited to take part and play an active role in the Social Housing sector demonstrating the necessary leadership to become zero tolerant anti-racist organisations.

There will be three ascending levels of membership awards:-

Level 1 - The SHARP Pledge Membership Award

This involves signing up to SHARP, completing and online self-assessment, and means organisations are committing to develop an action-plan on Anti-Racism and work towards adopting the best practice to become an anti-racist organisation in its practice, policy framework and operational processes.

Level 2 - The SHARP External Audit Membership Award

In addition to the Pledge Membership with the SHARP External Audit Membership, organisations commit to an External Audit process via the SHARP programme where member organisations will be supported to review their progress against their journey to become Anti-Racist in practice by verifying the measures planned and used to implemented their Anti-Racism action-plan especially in: -

  • Setting Targets - How targets have been set to improve diversity in terms of recruitment and processes to select staff, to address diversity at organisational leadership level. This will include an assessment of policy and performance as it relates to compliance with legislation, and or any other EDI or Anti-Racism Framework they have signed up to.
  • Use of Date, Communication and Engagement - Disaggregate ethnicity data and use other channels to learn about the experiences of BAME tenants/service users and act on findings. Also measures implemented to publicise support for racial equality and stating its organisations commitment to anti-racist practice and awareness of specific challenges facing those who experience racism, and commitment to take specific actions to tackle these challenges. And how frequently they will report on our progress annually.

Level 3 – The SHARP Organisation Accountability Membership Award – Shaping Organisational Culture to Become Anti-Racist

Demonstrating Change - Organisations are assessed on and can demonstrate how their board, executives, senior management have actively supported and promoted an inclusive culture where people are comfortable talking about race and can bring their whole self to work. Where this results in a demonstrable shift in organisational culture where Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority staff and tenants/ service users are comfortable and have clear pathways to voice concerns related to race and the organisation has in place clear procedural mechanisms to hear and address these concerns when raised.

Demonstrate board-level accountability - Able to demonstratively show that the organisations board have made itself accountable to Anti-Racist practice by taking responsibility for the SHARP commitments through its inclusion within strategic, annual work plans documentation. Also show via its reporting, monitoring and evaluating systems and framework be able demonstrate how it reviews progress and performance against targets set.


The membership fees for each level of SHARP Award membership table will be announced shortly.